Below here are our standard terms and conditions of engagement of coaching or managing or professional services. Prospective (or current / renewing) BRS staff members are invited to review these terms prior to appointment and to agree their own specific details in respect of the Schedules which outlines their role(s) and agreed remuneration arrangements.

The terms then apply to any member of staff to accepts them either by completing the form below to propose their role and subsequent e-mail agreement with BRS management, OR following confirmation by BRS management of your form and proposed role and rates, by undertaking the duties set out by BRS irrespective of your reply to BRS (accepts these terms by conduct by starting the role(s)).

These terms may be updated from time to time as notified by BRS – any changes to role and rates must be mutually agreed in writing (revised Schedules agreed in writing) between the Parties.

Any Queries in relation to the terms or application should be directed to

BRS Staff Member – Confirmation of Role / Rates Form

Below is our engagement form – please take a moment once you are happy with the terms to confirm to us your details, which role you believe you are undertaking, and your rates of remuneration (if not know leave blank).

Once received, BRS Management will reply via e-mail to propose any changes, corrections, and fill in any gaps – if you agree to these changes then reply to that message with your acceptance and you are on contract (subject to valid CRC). If you want to discuss changes proposed then reply accordingly and keep engaging until an agreement is reached.

Below here is the BRS excel Template for your invoice(s) – once you are on contract then record your engagements each month and complete and submit your invoice(s) at the end of the month using the agreed rates. You will need 1 invoice for JPL games and training and GK school – and a seperate one for ADC, ASCs, and Holiday Camps (where applicable). Please submit them both via e-mail to Cai and Ben Sainsbury.