BRS Coaching Academy are committed to delivering bespoke Physical Education packages and provisions to Infant, Junior and First Schools across Hampshire and Dorset. These packages are designed to meet the individual needs and financial budgets of each educational setting

BRS offer inclusive Physical Educational Activities through these key areas by ensuring that we are teaching the correct developmental skills to the correct age groups. We do this by following the key elements of the National Curriculum to ensure that our aims are combined with the skills that children are taught at each Key Stage. For example, for our Key Stage 1 children, we ensure that we teach them basic movements such as running, jumping as well as throwing and catching, whilst participating in team activities with their peers.

Here at BRS, we strongly believe in teaching children the importance of their physical education, and how it can help them to maintain an active, healthy and happy lifestyle. We teach children about this though our three key areas:

  • Talent
  • Effort
  • Excellence

We established in 2007, and have developed a fantastic relationship with all our schools, which has seen us attend our founding schools for over 10 years. We value the fantastic relationships we have made with the teachers, parents and pupils of all of our schools